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135km North of the equator is Samburu dominated by Samburu National Reserve, nothing in the world will prepare a traveler for the beauty hidden on a landscape that looks stunningly pristine even if arid. Most people go on safari for the animals, but for me landscape is equally important. It’s the scenery that really sets Samburu apart from other reserves in Kenya. The diversity of the savannah, forests and mountains is a beautiful combination, and it’s exciting to have land-forms on the horizon rather than just miles and miles of grassland plains. Actually, it’s this reserve that justly puts Samburu on the world map and was listed 2nd by CNN Travel as one of the 25 most beautiful places around the world it is very much uncrowded, gifting travelers a surreal alone-time with nature in its stupefying best.  Apart from the alluring landscape, there’s the rich, intriguing culture of the semi-nomadic Samburu people, who are easily identified by their traditional, colorful attire and their wa

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