Mount Suswa: A Geological Wonder in Kenya

Mount Suswa is an impressive double-crater volcano in the heart of Kenya's Rift Valley, located 120 km northwest of Nairobi. The volcano has been inactive for more than 100 years and has an altitude of 2,356 metres. With its breathtaking landscapes, it is a beautiful and fascinating destination for hikers and nature lovers.The volcano is one of the best preserved calderas in the world, with a diameter of the inner crater of about 12 km. 

It offers spectacular scenery with breathtaking views over mountain forests and grasslands, as well as a rich diversity of wildlife and plants. Mount Suswa can also be hiked. Routes around the inner rim of the crater vary from easy walks to challenging scrambles.

Mount Suswa's geological significance goes beyond its caldera. The mountain is also famous for its spectacular caves and lava tunnels formed during its volcanic activity. The lava tunnels are unique and fascinating structures that stretch for several kilometres, some of which can be explored. Some caves are home to a large bat colony and a large olive baboon population has made caves their home. 

One other extraordinary natural phenomenon are the hot springs and force up steam jets, many of which have been tapped and developed by the Maasai living on the volcano’s plateau to collect water for domestic use. You can stay overnight and enjoy the wonderful landscapes at plenty very private camping spots.

In addition, the volcanic crater Mount Suswa is an important cultural site for the Maasai. They consider the mountain a sacred place and use it for traditional rituals and ceremonies. The conservancy is entirely run by the Masai community that lives insede Mt Suswa.That means that all camping fees go towrds preserving, not just the park,but the lifestyle of those who live in it.


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