Must visit: 5 Sacred Mountains in Kenya - I. MOUNT OLOLOKWE (OL DONYO SABACHE)

One thing that continually mesmerises us about Kenya is its beautiful scenery. Just when you thought you had seen it all, you discover something else. Take these five breathtaking sacred mountains that grace the Kenyan landscape, for instance. Apart from being awe-inspiring, they hold a significant spiritual value among the local people. If you have been considering a bucket list tour of Kenyan mountains, here it is.

Mount Ololokwe, also known as Ol Donyo Sabache, is a sacred desert mountain rising from the vast plains that surround the Isiolo area in the North of Kenya.

Ololokwe doesn’t stand alone. Two smaller mountains connect to it forming a horseshoe around a valley with one entrance. This place is called Sabache  – named after the clasp of the Samburu woman’s necklace and a symbol of beauty in their culture. From a distance, the various ranges around Samburu look dorminant before eventually giving a glimpse of the huge and rugged Ololokwe cliff face, its dominance clearly becoming obvious, this desert mountain towers over the landscape and justifies its role as a sacred place for the Samburu people.

Its highly revered because it provides food and water for the locals and their livestock in this predominantly arid area. Being pastoralists, the Samburu place great value to livestock and during drought they use this mountain for prayers.

A hike will definitely let you see the beauty it carries, with sounds of bird songs and occasional sign of larger animals grazing around the paths which were initially elephant route paths to the summit of the mountain in search of water during the dry season. The vegetation changes as one climbs higher becoming less thorny and much greener with altitude and just to confirm the uniqueness of the mountain desert, Cycads grow in great abundance (Cycads are among the oldest living species of plants) not forgetting Cedar and Olive trees with ferns and aloes visibly thriving on them.

 At the top is a plateau, giving one the most beautiful view of the surrounding area – Mathews ranges, Aberdares in a haze of blue, Mt. Kenya with its glistering snow peaks are clearly an awe to behold. The temperatures are much cooler and its windy at the top. A quick walk around takes you to a forest area and a clearing from where streams of crystal clear water flow from the springs giving much needed life to the animals, birds and plants enjoying this oasis in the sky.

The Northern region of Kenya is vast and scenic. Mt Ololokwe is one site that paves way for the most beautiful sunsets and sunrises, The views from the mountain are magical, mersmerizing and awe inspiring !


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