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A short trip to Maasai Mara

Phewwww !! Finally after a wait that seems to have lasted forever, you can now travel back to Kenya, we immediately went on a discovery tour to the Maasai Mara. To take a closer look at a new camp. As if the wildebeest knew that the airport would not open until August 1st, the great migration has only just begun, the huge migrating herds will be on until October / November.

To get to know another part of the park better, this time we went to Musiara Marsh, known from numerous animal documentaries about the river crossing during the wildebeest hike and the big lions prides. The marsh is always green and marshy, so there are lots of elephants all year round, this time of the year is more special as most of the females have recently had calves.

The Sentinel Camp is located in a small forest right on the Mara River, It has only 10 tents making it intimate and very special for nature lovers. It is an eco-camp without permanent structures in order to have as little impact on nature as possibl…

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