Would you like to travel and immerse yourself completely in the place and culture when you go on holiday? There’s one sure way, travel like a local! You’ll find unique hidden gems, stumble upon local treats and meet the most delightful people along the way. Curious? Here’s how!

Stay at lodges, camps and other community owned facilities that allow you to experience the local people and their cultures, meet and mix with them in a more personal manner. Aside from learning a lot and enjoying a spectacular holiday, you’ll take away so many special interactions with you while helping the community too. We’re invested in and passionate about working with community owned places and projects, so it’s all up to you; where do you want to go and what do you want to do?

Another tip? Try booking in a walking city tour. Go out and explore the area you’re holiday-ing in on foot and truly get down and discover what there is to offer away from the go-to touristy spots. We truly enjoy taking you around on our arranged walking tours, to see an area for what it really is and experience it in a much more authentic way. You’ll also have a lot more mobility to stop when you see something interesting, you’ll be able to interact directly with people and just have an all-round adventure exploring a new place by actually diving fully in!

In addition to a walking tour, how about trying a culinary tour too? Experiencing a place through its food is another super fun way to get to know it better. By going to eat at small vendors and interesting, quirky restaurants in a new place, you’ll have a better understanding of the cultures and get to mix with the locals. We absolutely love curating food tours across the city and we bet you’d love them too!

On the same point, while you delve into the streets to explore and eat, why not shop local for mementos and beautiful souvenirs to take home with you? We offer all our guests a WAPI? Box, to allow them to support and have a taste of local, ethical Kenyan artisans and brands. Head off the beaten track when it comes to your shopping and avoid malls as often as you can.

Lastly, if you’re feeling particularly adventurous, why not attempt a ride using the local transport? Jump on a Tuktuk while at the coast, or hop on a boda (motorbike) for a quick tour of the place. Figuring your way around using local transport will open many doors to what you can experience and explore as you’ll be able to access areas mainly frequented by locals and you can get tips and insights from your driver as to where to find hidden gems.

So? Interested to travel like a local? Contact us and let us know! It promises to be a memorable and exciting time as you explore and experience a place in an immersive way, whenever you’re on holiday.  

Images courtesy of Il Ngwesi.


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