Travel is good for the soul…but you know what’s even better? Travelling responsibly,   otherwise known as green travel!

So what is it? Green travel is simply travelling with the environment, wildlife and the local communities in mind, being eco-conscious and ethical about your holiday while having an amazing time! Is it possible? Yes, and easy too! Here are a few things you can start to do;

Might seem obvious, but reduce or better yet, refuse single use plastic as much as you can. Carry a reusable shopping tote for all your retail therapy, say no to straws every chance you get and carry your own refillable water bottle…most countries don’t have adequate recycling, so whatever plastic you bring probably ends up in a landfill. We choose to recycle our guest’s water bottles with Mister Green Kenya, to ensure we do our part to fight plastic pollution.

Limit your carbon footprint. If possible, book group excursions and safari’s, one car is a lot better than several. You’ll be helping the environment and you might make some life-long friends! We take things a step further and provide seedballs from Seedballs Kenya, to all our guests so they can contribute to reforestation even while on safari! Another great tip is to try as much as possible to eat the local food and what’s in season. Specialty items usually have to be flown in, increasing their carbon footprint. Besides, part of travel is the cuisine, delve in and try new things! 

Following that point, eating local, shopping local etc. also greatly contributes to uplifting livelihoods. Whenever you choose local goods and services, you’re supporting individuals and communities to be self-sustaining. We work with a number of community owned lodges that support local communities and projects, as well as gifting each of our guests a WAPI? Box that showcases and supports the work of local artisans. And why not? Artisanal products are beautifully handmade and often one of a kind!

Ooh, this one’s an important one. Don’t buy anything made from endangered animals or plants, it’ll support and even promote the trade in these natural treasures. So however beautiful, stay away. More so on animal welfare, don’t participate in tours where you’re not sure how the animals are treated. Posing for pictures or playing with seemingly docile wild animals probably means those animals were trained and often not in a nice way. Instead, we organize visits to conservancies, animal rescue centers or orphanages if you want to get up close and personal. Or opt for game drives in the wild, where you can experience the thrill of wildlife and nature where it belongs!

Our last tip? Be mindful of delicate ecosystems. We work with a number of eco-rated lodges, who ensure a beautiful holiday while caring for the environment. Enjoy a surreal snorkeling adventure, but make sure not to damage the coral, take a hike up a breathtaking mountain but be careful to stay on trail, don’t feed the animals, or climb on fragile natural formations… Basically, leave it how you found it.

Green travel is the best of both worlds, isn’t it? We get to go on adventures, travel the world and have a ton of good times while doing good at the same time! Come adventure with us, we’ll take your travels green.


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