Kenya´s sleeping beauty Mwea National Reserve

The Mwea National Reserve is a small reserve at only 42sq km and is located within Mbeere District, in Eastern Province, a distance of about 200km from Nairobi. The reserve is  co-managed by Kenya Wildlife Service and Mbeere County Council. The savannah ecosystem comprises of small hills with bushy vegetation and scattered large trees. Other areas are open grasslands while along the main rivers, large trees with thick undergrowth are found. Trees mainly found within the ecosystem are the different Acacia species and baobab trees.  The ecosystem’s main features are the meeting point of rivers Tana and Thiba, Kamburu and Masinga hydro-electric dams, which harbour variety of biodiversity.

The attractions for this park can be divided into two: What is available outside the National Reserve including dams and Mwea National Reserve attractions. 
 Various dams are located within reach of some few minutes from Mwea National Reserve. They include Kamburu, Masinga, Kiambere, Gitaru, Kindaruma (provides the main source of hydro-power in Kenya). Other additional sites on the same Tana River include Mutong Grand Falls, Usueni, Adamson Falls and Kora. 

The land is low with occasional hills and to the North are the extended low-lying ranges towards Siakago: the District Headquarters of Mbere District. On clear days Mt Kenya can be seen to the North: Indeed land slopes to the foothills of Mt Kenya from Mwea Area.

Major wildlife attractions include the  elephants, Rothschild giraffes, Common zebras, Lesser kudu, Buffalo, Water Buck, Bush buck, Impala, Vervet Monkeys, Aardvark, Yellow baboons, Grants gazelle, Dik dik, Cape hare, Warthog,  Black backed jackal, Duiker, Sykes monkeys, Genet cat, Slender mongoose, Stripped ground squirrel, Dwarf mongoose, Crested porcupine, Rock Hyrax, Tree Hyrax and tortoise. Hippos and crocodiles are also found in the dams and rivers. Different birds and reptile species have been recorded in the reserve.

The earliest human settlement in Makima area dates back to 1914, though wildlife conservation intervention was not until 1972 when the DC - Embu and district warden visited to sensitize the local community on conservation of the otherwise teeming wildlife population.
With no other accommodations in the reserve, it is a haven  for campers and picnickers with more than 7 sites to choose from. Or you can stay at Izaak Walton Inn, Embu (50km distance) from 4.500 KSH p.P. sharing bed & breakfast

  • Variety of animals
  • Waterfalls - Mutunga Grand Falls, Adamson Falls, Kora Falls
  • Boat safaris by Masinga Resort, at Kamburu Dam
  • View of MT. Kenya on clear days
  • Hippo point
  • Realm of rare birds

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