Mt. Elgon is cloaked in forest and straddles the border between Kenya and Uganda.                     

Sometimes known as the Mountain of the Beast, other times the Mountain of Illusion, the basalt bluffs of enigmatric Elgon have been held sacred for centuries. It is part of Africa’s Great Rift Valley and the eighth highest mountain in Africa today. Mt. Elgon slopes are famous for its towering cliffs, snaking river valleys, caves and plunging waterfalls. It is doted with caves formed from ancient lava tubes namely Kitum, Makingeny, Chepnyalil and Ngwarisha.

The caves were used until recently by the local communities for traditional ceremonies. A range of creatures including bats and spiders use the Mt. Elgon caves as their shelter. Kitum Cave is regularly visited by herds of elephants, dubbed the troglodyte tuskers, as well as bushbuck, duiker and buffalo, all in search of the salts that around in the mineral-rich earth of the caves. The Makingeny Cave, located not far from Kitum, has a spectacular waterfall over its mouth. It is a great spot for game viewing; other than elephants, other commonly sighted animals include leopard, buffalo, waterbuck, olive baboon, giant forest hog, duiker, and black and white Columbus monkey. Additionally, it is an Important Bird Ara with more than 240 Species sighted.

For the finest views from the mountain, discover some of the traditional vantage points:

Elephant Platform, a flat outcrop overlooking the northern acacia-filled valley and the northern Cherangani Hills 


Endebess Bluff, a basalt column that offers magnificent views over the rolling reaches of the Cherangani Hills.


Day 1
From Kisumu to Kitale with brief stop at Nabuyole water falls in Bungoma & an early Lunch break stop at Falls View Nabuyole. We expect to arrive at Mt.Elgon National Park in the late afternoon. Enjoy a brief evening nature walk before dinner, Dinner and overnight stay at the salt lick or Rongai Campsite.

Day 2
After breakfast leave camp for a nature walk around the park exploring the lower circuit. Chesurur waterfall, hike the Kitum Cave, Ngwarisha cave & Makingeny cave. Enjoy a Picnic lunch. An afternoon hike of the Endebess Bluff with an evening spent at the Elephant platform with Mt. Elgon Koitaboss peak providing a scenic background (If lucky, we will spot elephants going back to their bedroom i.e. Kitum Caves. We finish with a leisurely walk back to campsite. Dinner at a campfire and overnight at your campsite

Day 3
Wake up to an early breakfast, enjoy a game drive through the park to see the wildlife, enjoy an early lunch at the campsite before we departure.


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